Sweden E3.2 Vangern Wildlife reserve by Tom Glendinning



Reserved for Wild Life


Here we found a balance point of Sky, Rock and Sea. A moment outside our frame of time & motion.

Rocky lichenous outcroppings burning under the sky, dropping to deep crystal waters crinkled by coastal breezes. A landscape moulded by eons of pouring rain, trammelling downward to sea-level. Carving, falling, pooling into luxuriously sun warmed bathing shallows, or deep refreshing layered gradients of temperature.


However, even the August sun has little effect on the main event.

As locals tell us ...  "You have to go in with the whole body".

I'm even more in love with daily Cold water plunges and the things it does to your body than ever before.

No better place to do it than this still sea. This challenges even the mirror fjords and glacier melt torrents in Norway.


Exploring the outcroppings, tiny Rivendellian enclaves of greenery open unexpectedly at your feet, features you do well to remember when you boldly re-walk the rock, jumping the narrow gullies in blinding mist-rains.


The sun and wind dependant, shifting textual contrast of rock and sea inspired a great deal of meditation here.

Focus held for hours by a few square meters of lichen, cracks and rippling sky reflections, bare feet moulding to water smoothed contours of curving rock.  Pure experience.


Excellent virgin bouldering rock by calm sea. Climbing heaven.


Home.  Wherever you take it.



For days and months we live outside practically for free. Hiding in our moving home or under tarps when it's cold and wet. Emerging to find local foods, spare parts, stories & crafts. Treading lightly on the land, foot off the gas. Giving wherever we can. Sharing whatever we have.


Go slow.  Experience your senses fully.  Live full and long.

Celebrate the landscape every day.

Take nothing but photographs.

Leave nothing but foot (and maybe hand) prints.


When we had to leave here by force of Sam&Chloe's onward flight schedule, I had never before felt a greater sense of thanks to a place, for holding and keeping me.  Nothing needed doing here. So much was done and felt.

Back to the road.

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Norway E2.12 - Oslo Urban Soundscape by Tom Glendinning

When we walked around Oslo for one day I didn't take a camera, only a recorder.

Taking toddler steps into the world of microphones and audio editing, being such a lover of superbly crafted audio, is daunting. The resultant audio track is my most complex creation so far, a long way from the ambient nature soundscape I mostly made during our travels.

See my soundcloud account for the rest of my soundscapes so far.

A few photos from Bobbie's phone to accompany below...

More photos from Sweden soon.

Astrup Fearnley Museum

Astrup Fearnley Museum

Sweden E3.1 Valövägen Wildlife Reserve by Tom Glendinning


Finally we've got out of Norway. Her precipitous angles and still waters shall be missed.

However, we're entering one of the most outstandingly beautiful and peaceful locations of our whole journey. The rugged, rocky, bewilderingly silent national parks strung down the west coast of Sweden. This is Valövägen.

Variety comes in the height of the rock from the sea.

We sought out the peninsulas less travelled, with tiny communities clinging to the edges of protected reserves. We trod lightly and spoke quietly. Everything here felt at rest. The sea, the rock, the little boats silently threading wakes between islands.

The landscape feels so ancient in its bare, water worn, cracked undulations. Inhabited by brief pools, grasses and lichens.

Down the coast, only the changing height of the rocky formations proved your passing. Where the rock was low, the sea was shallow, choked with slippery weeds. We would leave the bare salty rock to little wooded inlets and meadowed valleys, working around to return again only just across the sound, where the quiet rock was waiting.

People were tucked into the landscape, bothering you only with a smile, and scandi "Hihi!"

...Also, on our way here, on a moonlit misty night, we met our first Elk. Standing tall and silhouetted in the middle of the road like a Swedish grim. That's another story...

Norway E2.11b Mortensrud Kirke by Tom Glendinning

This is a wonderful church built for a local community just south of Oslo.

Designed by Børre Skodvin & Jan Olav Jensen - Our tutor Martin Gledhill at Bath University often brought up this amazing place in his lectures.


The building fits simply and serenely into a peaceful landscape. It's a contemplative and connective space. We felt this even after a month in the wilds of Norwegian national parks, along with a sacred, temple aspect given by the structure.


There is actually a rough trail cut around the perimeter of the building through the vegetation, likely by architect pilgrims.

Sadly the time we managed to get there en-route to Sweden we couldn't go inside, except peering through the glass. The light was wonderful though.