Norway E2.7 Tjørnadalsfossen & hike to Rodekot / by Tom Glendinning


Our precariously balanced camp near Odda, overlooking the Sandvevatnet fjorden had a permanent sound backdrop of falling water from the Strondsfossen above and Tjørnadalsfossen across the green waters. This is the land of water and stone. 

Tjørnadalsfossen (far) & Strondsfossen

Two excellent Austrians made camp with us and shared the things travellers shared. We hiked above the fjord, through the tangled birch woods to the lakes and high meadow pastures. 

Uli, Eva, Bobbie

This type of woodland seems ubiquitous at a certain altitude here and is my favourite environment, full of gentle light and sound textures broken by mossy granite boulders and clanking sheep bells.

The Fonglefonna glacier spat a cold wind across the community of sheep and ponies very happy to make immediate and very close acquaintances.

Fonglefonna glacier overlooking summer meadow cabins

There are some more photos from this set - if you want to see more idyllic scenes including a portrait of the lovely Uli & Eva go to: