European Campervan travels E1.1 (Intro; Denmark) / by Tom Glendinning

Bobbie & Vin Diesel

(Due to website issues that went unnoticed while travelling all the posts made so far have not been sent as email, I am trying to correct this and re-send these old posts).

We (Bobbie and I) are making a 6 month trip in our campervan, wild camping through some of Europe's most spectacular national parks, wildernesses (if you can count a place with tarmac road wilderness) and general awesome places. Wifi for uploads is hard to come by but time out of being culture and nature-drunk to edit photos is proving even rarer... 

We are now stopped for a rest with our wonderful Polish friend Maria's family in Zory. The first short chapter comes from the trip heading North, starting from The Hague and driving swiftly up through a few spots in Denmark, culminating in finding unexpectedly good surf at Thy [Tí] National Park behind the dunes. I thought the board would stay on the roof until Portugal.

Thy National Park dunes

Also to be found will be soundscapes to accompany some of the landscapes - short, minimally edited vignettes of sound that we record on the way. To find these first forays into recording with my new Zoom go to Time&Space Diary's new Soundcloud page.

Denmark - land of Water, Wind and Rye

Bobbie begins her driving career with a 1.5 ton van with soft suspension. 

Next stop, South Norway.