Norway E2.1 Kristiansand & E2.2 Setesdal- Byglandfjorden / by Tom Glendinning


Lakeside home on Byglandfjorden, Setesdal region, opposite Lauvdal

A long standing dream to explore here. The campervan, willingness to camp wild anywhere and the amazing accessibility of this sparsely populated natural wonder of a country makes travelling here remarkably affordable for us. These posts are not to tell our whole long story but only are snapshots, so I will let them speak for themselves. Already we miss this wonderful part of the world and felt instantly at home and welcomed here by the marvellous people and pristine nature.

Trout, Granite & Pine

Islands by the port of Kristiansand, from Odderøya island Nature Reserve

Åraksbo, Byglandfjorden

(where we meet Jenni and Alex, in the endless stream of happy German travellers who go everywhere)

Agriculture is cut from the forest on the low sloping sides of valleys.